Academics in Solidarity

is a peer-mentoring program that connects displaced and at-risk researchers with scholars in Germany, Lebanon and Jordan. It seeks to create a network of solidarity, strengthen transnational research cooperation and open up new perspectives in the academic environments of their members.

Academy in Exile

offers scholars threatened in their home countries because of their academic or civic engagement for human rights, peace, and democracy the opportunity to resume their careers in Germany and to work on a research project of their own choosing.


provides antiracist and feminist tools and strategies for addressing and dismantling structures of exclusion in Higher Education curricula. It can be used by any instructor, in any field, at any EU higher education institution, but also cross-sectorally, by Civil Society Organizations and community-based organizations providing adult education programs and staff training.

Free Moscow Universitypng.png

Free Moscow University

is a community of professors, teachers and students that strive for knowledge together. They are a self-organized, non-profit university that set their task to free teachers from the directives of administrators​.

Hochschulforum Digitalisierung (HFD)

is a think tank that orchestrates the discourse on higher education in the digital age. As a central initiator it informs, advises and networks actors from universities, politics, business and society.

Neue deutsche Organisationen

is a nationwide network of over 130 associations, organizations and projects. They see themselves as a post-migrant movement against racism and for an inclusive Germany. As a network, they are committed to more visibility, participation and equal opportunities.

Off University

is a group of about 50 persecuted and/or exiled scientists, enthusiastic learners and dreamers of a different education system. Off-University creates new strategies to uphold and sustain academic life and knowledge threatened by anti-democratic and authoritarian regimes. 

The New University in Exile Consortium

is an expanding group of universities and colleges publicly committed to the responsibility and capacity to assist persecuted and endangered scholars, to help protect the intellectual resources that are jeopardized when academia is under assault, and to advocate for academic freedom around the world.

Threatened Scholars Integration Initiative

aims for the proactive integration of scholars forced to seek alternative teaching, research, or advanced study positions at OSUN institutions outside their home countries due to threat from authoritarian regimes, persecution for their views and identities, or other risks. The Initiative also provides affiliation and support for those who cannot relocate.

Toolbox Gender and Diversity in Teaching

The toolbox offers material, methods and a discourse on gender- and diversity conscious teaching at the university. You can find introductory information, practical advice for your classroom, and suggestions for further reading. You can stay informed by joining the Toolbox newsletter or enter the discussion on the Toolbox blog.